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Apply for a fuel card

Applying for a fuel card earns you money.

Permanent discount on the price
Discount for all fuels (petrol, diesel and LPG)
Use for free at the petrol stations
More than 600 filling stations (Shell BP, Total, Esso, Texaco etc ...)
Fuel card also suitable for self-employed persons

Nice and cheap refueling. Cheap gasoline, diesel or LPG. Refuel with a discount with the fuel card. Advantageous refueling at more than 600 petrol stations such as Shell, BP, Total, Esso etc.

Apply for a fuel card, that's how you do it

  1. Click on the orange button
  2. You will receive the pass by post within 10 working days

Receive a fuel card?

  1. Refuel at the nearest petrol station in your area
  2. Have your fuel card scanned by the pump employee
  3. Your discount will be credited to your savings credit within 24 hours

Refueling with a discount

  1. Discount on the suggested retail price
    You are guaranteed a 6 to 10 cent discount per liter on all fuels.
  2. Even more discount
    Discount at the pump? On top of this discount you get an extra discount of 1 to 3 cents per liter.

Save on fuel tips

  • Do not shift at high revs
  • Drive a maximum of 100 on the highway
  • Let your car drive out instead of braking
  • Keep your speed constant
  • Use the cruise control
  • Don't take the car for groceries
  • Check the tire pressure once a month

More tips to save on your car costs