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100% wind energy
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Gaslight comparators

Compare gas, light and electricity. With the national energy comparator, there is always a cheaper energy supplier in your area.

You also earn money with the gaslight comparators. You will receive a maximum of up to $ 60.00 as a gift. In addition, you always receive a 10% discount on the average energy price.

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Now use the gaslight comparators. Save and earn.

Tips for saving energy and money

Reading time 1 minute.

Save on heating costs

  1. Turn it off

    Make sure you don't have heating on in rooms where no one is sitting. The heating in the hallway can also be switched off.

  2. Lower your teeth

    Lower the temperature. If it is only 1 degree. But this makes a significant difference on an annual basis. Gradually reduce it.

  3. Put on some warm

    Put on a sweater or a cardigan. If you are in the room with several people, I can imagine that you will not do this quickly. But if you can, try it.

  4. Electric radiator

    Buy a (second-hand) radiator. Your electricity may increase, but if you use district heating, a radiator is a lot cheaper.

  5. Close the doors

    Close the interior doors to prevent cold. Let everyone in the house make it a habit.

  6. Airing

    Air your house regularly, even if it is cold. This ensures good circulation and your house is immediately fresh. The heating works a lot better.

  7. Out the door?

    You go out the door. Then turn off the heating about an hour before you leave. You don't notice it, but it does in your wallet.

  8. Clock thermostat

    Here you set the desired time. For example, if you go to sleep at 11 p.m. every day, set the clock thermostat to turn off at 10 p.m. You can also set it to warm up the living room in the morning.

  9. Curtains

    Make sure the curtains are not hanging in front of your heating. And close the curtains at night. This way the heat stays inside.

  10. Bedroom

    The heating can also be switched off in the bedroom. If it is really cold, install an electric radiator.

  11. Radiator foil

    Place radiator foil behind the heater to keep the heat in your room.

  12. Insulate pipes

    Buy special foam to insulate the pipes. Especially in non-heated rooms. A lot of heat is lost here. You have to heat longer before your heating gets warm.

  13. Reduce consumption

    You can also save a lot by consuming less. Read all about consuming less on water and electricity here.