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How does a BKR registration work?

When you take out a mortgage , personal loan or credit, the lender is obliged to have the loan registered with the BKR . The BKR stands for Stichting Bureau Krediet Registration and is a Dutch credit registration agency. Every Dutch person who takes out something with a loan or buys something on installment is registered here. The purpose of the BKR is to have the creditworthiness checked for lenders.

BKR registration, how does it work?

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The term BKR registration is often seen as something negative. This is not always the case. Although a loan or credit is registered with the BKR, this will only have negative consequences for you if you do not pay off your loan or are in arrears. If you properly meet your payment obligations, you have nothing to fear for a BKR registration. If you have payment arrears and therefore a negative BKR registration, the BKR registration prevents you from taking out new loans and getting into even deeper problems.

What is BKR registration?

A BKR registration is the registration of all loans and forms of credit . From when is registration with the BKR?

  • All loans and credits
  • From $ 250
  • Term of at least 3 months

All institutions with a banking license are legally obliged to be affiliated with the BKR and must have their loans and credits registered here.

But not only banks are affiliated with the BKR. There are also plenty of other institutions that have credits registered with the BKR, such as leasing companies and mail order companies . As a result, not only mortgages and personal loans are registered, but actually all forms of credit, such as purchase on installment.


In itself, registering this information has no influence on you and on the conclusion of future credits and loans. Not at all if you pay off the credit properly. This will also be included in the registration and then you have a positive BKR registration.

Only in case of payment arrears does it become a negative BKR registration. But this will not just happen. First you get the chance to meet your payment obligations after a few reminders.

Usually after three to four months of payment arrears, the lender will send you a pre-announcement that the arrears will be passed on to the BKR. This is your last chance to avoid getting a negative BKR registration.

What is registered?

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The following information is recorded in the BKR register:

  • name
  • address
  • residence
  • date of birth
  • type of credit

The amount of the credit is recorded, as well as the date of conclusion, credit type, the anticipated last repayment month and the actual last repayment month. In case of arrears, a BKR code will also be registered with the credit.

What kind of loans and credits are registered with the BKR?

  • Mortgages and Personal Loans
  • Credit on a credit card that is repaid in several installments
  • Purchases from a mail order company that are paid off in installments
  • Participation in private leasing
  • Taking out a telephone subscription where you buy the telephone on installment

As long as no code is attached to these loans and credits, this is always a positive BKR registration.

What are BKR codes?


Your BKR registration only becomes negative if you do not pay your loans and credits or pay too late. A certain code will then be placed after your name. This allows you to recognize that you are a defaulter and a future loan or credit can be refused.

Two codes are used for this, the A code and the H code .

An A code is always a bad sign, because it means that you are behind. An A code is therefore always a negative BKR registration.

The H code, on the other hand, stands for recovery . This means that you have had a backlog in the past, but that this has recovered and you are therefore no longer behind.

The A code is accompanied by a number, whereby the lender receives further information about the state of your payment arrears. An overview of the codes used for a BKR registration:

  • A coding : the lender has indicated that there is a payment arrears.
  • A1 coding : payment arrears have been registered, but a payment arrangement has been made.
  • A2 coding : there is a payment arrears and the outstanding part is due and payable. This means that it is outsourced to a debt collection agency or bailiff.
  • A3 coding : an amount of $ 250 or more has been deducted from the outstanding debt.
  • A4 coding : there is a payment arrears, but the creditor can no longer be reached.
  • H coding : the arrears notification had a code A, but the payment arrears have been made up. There is no payment arrears anymore.

When someone has a BKR registration with the A code, a lender will generally refuse a loan or credit.

Do I have a BKR registration?

whether you have a bkr registration

Am I registered BKR? Or how do I know if I am BKR registered? Are you curious whether you have a negative or positive BKR registration?

Contact your bank

Here you fill in an 'application form for BKR data' that you must hand in at the counter of the bank. You must also identify yourself here with your passport or ID card. The bank will forward this form to the BKR, after which you will receive an overview of your BKR registration within seven days.

Collect data yourself in Tiel

Make an appointment with BKR. Make an appointment for this at least 5 days in advance.


View BKR? Request your BKR data online here .

How long does my BKR registration take?

calendar about how long a bkr registration takes

If you request a BKR registration, do not be alarmed if old loans are still visible. Even if you have repaid a loan or credit, it will remain in the BKR file for five years after termination. If you want to apply for a new loan or credit during these five years, the lender will also include the old information in the decision whether or not to grant you a loan.

Loans and loans in arrears can remain indefinitely . Even if you have made a payment arrangement and it takes a little longer to repay, the loan will remain for five years after full repayment.

How can I delete my BKR registration?

calendar about how long a bkr registration takes

The best method to get rid of a negative BKR registration is by meeting your payment obligations. You can try to remove a negative BKR registration at the BKR, but this will not work if you actually have arrears on loans. This is only worthwhile if the registration has been converted to an H coding .

  1. First ask the bad credit, so you know what is recorded.
  2. Then check per lender whether the details are still correct .
  3. Is there still an A-coded loan outstanding, while you have already repaid it? Then this can be challenged.
  4. Please contact the relevant lender first. He can correct the data.
  5. If this is not possible, you can submit a request for removal to the BKR yourself.
  6. If this does not yield anything, there is still the option to call in the BKR disputes committee .

Please note, this takes a lot of time and you have to pay a fee.

Can I request a registration from someone else?

An answer can be given briefly and concisely: no , it is not possible to request a registration from someone else. You can only request your own data by means of identification, but never from someone else.

Only the affiliated BKR lenders have access to view the BKR registrations.

Telephone subscription and BKR

telephone with subscription can also be bkr registered

It sounds nice, purchasing an expensive phone when taking out your phone subscription. But in fact you take out a loan for this, because you pay off the phone in installments. The redemption amount is included in the monthly subscription amount. Incidentally, we call this device credit.

Providers are required to report all devices provided with a subscription if it exceeds the value of $ 250 .

A Samsung or Apple smartphone quickly goes towards $ 1,000 - so you should assume that this will be registered with the BKR . This does not have to be a problem if you continue to pay for your subscription properly.

If you are in arrears , it may be that a mortgage or loan is refused.

You can prevent a BKR registration of your phone by either paying for the phone in one go or choosing a phone that is worth less than $ 250.

2 responses to “How does a BKR registration work?”

  1. November 2020 our bkr with a-coding will be cleaned up again this year I went back myself to remove this also at bkr who said that the credit provider had to remove this but unfortunately without result my question is do you know who can do this for me and what the costs are?
    This is related to applying for a new mortgage for another house.

    1. lakes-n-trails.com

      Dear Wilma,

      Step 1. Write an objection letter. If it doesn't help, go to step 2.
      Step 2. Call in a disputes committee. Costs range from $ 50-75. Or skip to step 3.
      Step 3. Call in a specialist such as Dynamiet Nederland. The first advice is free.

      Good luck!

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