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Pay laptop in installments without BKR testing

Pay laptop in installments without BKR . Some want to pay for an Apple laptop in installments. Well .. in today's digital world we can no longer do without a PC or laptop. From young to old, the PC and laptop are fully established. Do you also want to buy a laptop? Pay a laptop in installments without BKR? Or is your current laptop so outdated that you need a new one? Then you must have the money available for the purchase.

Which loan should I take out for a laptop

It is best to take out a mini loan . This is the fastest and easiest way to borrow money. Unless your laptop is going to cost more than $ 1500. In that case, you must take out a personal loan.

We assume that you take out a mini loan. What do you have to do?

What is being asked

Paying in installments for a laptop without BKR requires little information. The only requirement is:

  • You are at least 21 years old
  • Registered in the USA.

All you need is

  • Your ID
  • A personal guarantor.

This guarantor can be a family member, friend or acquaintance who is willing to act as guarantor for you. The guarantor is also a big stick for you that you repay the loan on time.

Pay laptop in installments without BKR

Buying a laptop on installment without BKR testing is very convenient. But before you start here; the most sensible thing is to take the time to save a nice amount and buy your laptop from it. Do you have no savings and you urgently need the laptop? Then you can also borrow money for this. This way you can order a laptop and pay in installments.

The downside of a loan

disadvantages of a (mini) loan

Taking out a loan for a laptop in installments without BKR seems very convenient and this is also the case in practice. You just have to keep an eye on the disadvantages of this. The amount that you possibly repay in installments is higher than the loan amount. You benefit from paying in installments, but you also pay for that in the form of interest.

Before taking out a loan, the lender will also do a BKR test . It is then checked whether you have payment arrears and how many outstanding debts you have. This is an important test and can lead to the lender deciding not to provide you with a loan.

If you have a negative BKR registration, you pose a risk and lenders want to prevent this. This is of course not fun, but it is also a safety for you. You will then not just be able to take out all kinds of loans and get even deeper into financial problems.

But there is hope for the BKR registrars among us.

What does a BKR registration entail?

bkr logo

BKR stands for Bureau Krediet Registration and is an institution that keeps an electronic file for every Dutch person who has taken out a loan. Lenders affiliated with the BKR register here credits and loans with a minimum term of three months.

When payment arrears of at least three months on loans and four months on mortgages arise, this is reported to the BKR. If someone with payment arrears is registered with the BKR, this can be a reason to refuse a new loan. Many types of loans and credits are registered with the BKR.

In any case, all loans that you take out from institutions with a banking license, but also a credit with a mail order company and even mobile phones from $ 250 that are repaid via a subscription.

If you have a BKR registration, the chance that you can take out a loan for a laptop is not great. But there is a method to pay the laptop in installments without BKR testing.

Pay in installments for a laptop without BKR

Laptop and money

Do you want an installment laptop or PC without BKR check ? Then this is possible by means of a mini loan . What is a mini loan and how does this work?

A laptop purchase usually does not involve very large amounts of many thousands of euros. The loan amount for a mini loan usually runs to a maximum of $ 1,500.

When applying for the mini loan, the lender will not do an assessment at the BKR. However, an own assessment is carried out. These are less strict tests to determine whether it is possible to provide a small loan without a BKR check.

This can be of great help to many people with a negative BKR registration. The intention is that a mini loan, depending on the loan amount, is repaid within 15 to 62 days . Not only is the amount 'mini', the repayment term is also.

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Also suitable if you do not have a BKR registration

It is not the case that only people who have a negative BKR registration are eligible for a mini loan without BKR testing. Even if you are in good financial shape , pay your debts properly and do not have a BKR registration, it is possible to take out a mini loan.

For example, you have seen a nice gaming laptop and you want to pay it from your salary. The problem is that your salary has not yet been paid. Of course you want to enjoy your gaming laptop as soon as possible. Then you can pay off the game laptop on installment with a mini loan. You immediately receive your money to purchase the laptop and as soon as your salary is received, you pay off the loan.

Of course a Macbook on installment is also possible. So you see that a mini loan is very suitable if you need a not too large amount in the very short term that you can pay off quickly.

Your new laptop will be delivered very quickly

Pay your new laptop in installments without BKR

You can buy a laptop on installment without BKR testing with a mini loan. An important characteristic of a mini loan is that the application is processed very quickly. In many cases, speed is also the reason that people take out a mini loan.

You need a laptop quickly for work or study, for example, but your salary has not yet been paid or you have just had another major expense. You do not have to go out to apply, but you can simply apply for your loan online, quickly and anonymously.

The money will be on your loan within 24 hours. That is quickly buying your laptop on installment.

What points should you pay attention to?

Of course it is useful to pay off your laptop in installments, but do ask yourself in advance whether a mini loan is also the most ideal solution for you. Especially if you already have a negative BKR listing and debts.

  • Never take out a loan quickly and consider whether there are also alternatives. Can a family member or friend advance the laptop? That is also cheaper, because you do not have to pay interest.
  • Also consider whether you really need a new laptop. A good second-hand laptop is often much cheaper and maybe you can afford it without a loan?
  • And of course you also have to ask yourself to what extent you are able to repay the loan . If the mini loan is only to bridge until you have received your salary, then it does not have to be a problem. It will be different if you have to put in a lot of effort to get the money together. Especially because a mini loan must be repaid in the short term.

An installment laptop is nice, but think sober and realistic before you actually take out a loan for your laptop.