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Money Shortage - Even monypoly money in your back pocket

Short on money! What now?

Do you have too little money to pay for groceries or are you just short of money to get through this expensive month? Then you need money immediately. There are several ways to top up your balance in the short term. With these tips, your money shortage will be a thing of the past in no time. Balance dip solved? Check out the tips to tackle a structural money shortage!

Money shortage: get rid of your balance dip quickly

money shortage keeps you in a balance dip

There are various situations in which you quickly need some extra money. Most people borrow some money from friends or family in these situations, but that is far from ideal. However, there are more options for receiving money. Which way you choose depends on the purpose and your options to repay the money.

Take out a mini loan

Do you need a small amount to get through the month and are you sure that you can repay this money in the short term? Then taking out a mini loan is a good idea. You have the money in your account within a few days, without a lot of administrative hassle. There are also disadvantages to this quick solution, please inform yourself well before you take out a mini loan .

Request an advance

ask for an advance

A little short on money? Request an advance from your employer. For large organizations you can arrange this directly with the payroll. Keep in mind that this money will be withheld from your next wage payment. When it concerns a large amount, it is also possible to take out a loan with your employer. Did you think about that?

Installment purchase

Purchase on installment with your credit card

You really cannot miss some devices. Not even when you are short of money. When the refrigerator or washing machine breaks, you want to replace it as soon as possible. However, the purchase of such a product is a big chunk out of your budget. In such a case, you can opt for an installment product . You will receive your new refrigerator immediately, but pay it off in monthly installments. Note: you always pay more than the purchase price, because interest is charged. However, the advantage is that you do not have to save before you can purchase a new device.


Short on cash - lakes-n-trails.com money bag

Still short of money for a new refrigerator, but do you know that you will have sufficient funds in the short term? Then you can also choose to pay afterwards . Unlike buying on installment, you pay the original purchase price without interest. You will receive the new device immediately, but pay later. In most cases payment afterwards has a term of 14 to 30 days. So only use this option if you are sure that you can pay the bill within the specified period.

Try to make an installment plan

Do you need money immediately to pay a high bill? First try whether you can make a repayment arrangement. For example, an invoice from the health insurer or the tax authorities can often be paid in installments. You then agree on a monthly term that is financially feasible for you. You can also agree that the full amount will be paid in one go if you expect extra money, for example with a year-end bonus or the payment of the holiday allowance. Keep in mind that additional costs may be charged.

Always short of money? Not with these tips!

Living cheaper can save your piggy bank

Are you short on money every month? Do you fill one hole with another? Then now is the time to tackle your finances! Many people find this a tedious job, but it is a necessary job if you want to become financially healthy and solve your money shortages. Choose a quiet time and list your expenses and income . With the following tips you always have sufficient balance. Shortage of money is a thing of the past.

Spend less

The cause of a structural shortage of money is simple: you spend more money than comes in. If you want to become financially healthy, you must strive for a balance in expenditure and income . In an ideal situation, more money will come in than you will spend, giving you the space to pay off debts and ultimately save money. Saving is a way to restore the balance.

Set priorities

giving priority

You can save the most money by taking a critical look at your expenses . Most people spend too much money on luxury goods such as on-the-go food and drink, magazines and subscriptions. For example, start preparing your own lunch and take coffee from home. It seems like a small savings, but all those small daily expenses add up nicely when you add them up over a whole month.

Save on fixed costs

You cannot immediately save on fixed costs such as rent and mortgage , but you can take a critical look at your energy bill and your insurance . It pays to compare different energy suppliers each year and to switch if necessary. In addition, you can of course save on your energy bill by using less energy. It is also advisable to view your insurance once a year. Are you not double insured? And are you still with the right insurer? For more saving tips, read the article Saving money

More income

To get your finances back into balance, it is also good to view your income. You can save as much as you want, but if you don't generate enough income it becomes very difficult to become financially healthy. You can consider changing jobs, working more hours, asking for a raise, or taking a side job. However, there are also other ways to generate additional income.

Check charges

save on your energy bill

Depending on your income, you may be entitled to various benefits , such as housing benefit and healthcare benefit. You can calculate what you are entitled to on the website of the tax authorities. If you are eligible for benefits, you can apply for them directly online. You can also apply for benefits retroactively if you have wrongly not received them.

Make money online

There are many opportunities online to generate additional income. Consider, for example, affiliate marketing, writing and selling e-books or selling second-hand items via Marktplaats or Bol.com. If you have enough time and energy in your spare hours, you can earn a nice extra in these ways. Or earn at home »

Learn how to handle money »

Do you know other people who are chronically short of money? Then forward these tips. This is how you help someone else!

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