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Christmas presents on a budget

Saving Money During the Holidays - 9 Tips

Now that the holidays are approaching, it promises to be a great time. The Christmas tree is set up again and there is a pleasant meal and drink with family and friends. But the holidays are also an expensive time. Of course, there is a cost to this cosiness. That means saving money during the holidays .

This is how you save money during the holidays

The holidays are the period when a lot of gifts have to be bought and Christmas decorations can sometimes be expensive. You think that preparing your own Christmas dinner might save you money? You usually cook for more people and more luxurious products are bought, so you still lose a lot of money.

Eating out cheaply at Christmas? Many restaurants charge higher prices during the holidays.

So how do you get through the holidays without too high a cost? Save money during the holidays, here are the 9 tips


  1. Budgeting
  2. Compare
  3. Put money aside
  4. Never buy in December
  5. Pay cash
  6. Offers
  7. Other gifts
  8. quality
  9. Cosiness

1. Make a budget to save money during the holidays

Prepare a budget for the holidays

Of course you take into account that certain things will cost money. But actually without realizing it, you still buy everything. You still have to get this, or just that. These are often small expenses that are bought in between. If you add these little messages together, you come to the conclusion that you have still spent a lot.

It therefore helps to draw up a budget for the festive month in advance. A budget helps you not to lose control of your finances. Of course you have to be honest and include all costs in your budget, otherwise you will easily exceed your budget.

Are you afraid that you will forget about costs? Include an extra amount in your budget for unforeseen expenses. This way you know exactly what you are going to spend in December and it will not be disappointing.

2. Compare

Another reason to buy your gifts early is that you have the time to compare everything. Take your time and compare all gifts with each other.

Remember that cheaper also means cheaper. Also look at the shipping costs and any administration costs. When you have added everything together, you only know who is the cheapest.

3. Set aside money during the year

You can save money during the holidays by putting money aside. If you expect that you will face a very expensive holiday season, it may be wise to take this into account in time. You can do this by, for example , setting aside money every month during the current year for the month of December. This does not have to be very large amounts at all. If you save $ 25 to $ 50 per month, you will already have several hundred euros extra to spend in December. So you are not only dependent on your income that you receive in December.

Never buy everything in December

save money in advance for December

Want to save money at Christmas? Then don't buy everything in December . It is logical that you buy food just before Sinterklaas, Christmas or New Year's Eve. Food cannot be kept for a long time. But for many other editions there is no expiry date. Consider, for example, gifts. You can buy gifts all year round and often cheaper.

All products are the most expensive to purchase in the month of December. In January, however, many products will go on sale again. Now is the perfect time to buy gifts for the following December. You may come across new offers during the year. Then buy it, as we assume the offer will no longer be available in December.

This is also how you handle your Christmas decorations. In January, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations go on sale en masse. So you actually buy cheap Christmas decorations in January.

5. Want to save money during the holidays? Then pay in cash

Do you really want to save money during the holidays? Then pay in cash .

Nowadays we are encouraged to pay digitally as much as possible, so that you never have to carry cash. This is of course also handy, but perhaps a little too handy. Especially if you are quickly tempted to make purchases, it is better to only bring cash and leave your debit card at home. You then impose a budget on yourself while shopping, so that you can never buy more than you actually planned.

If you still want to buy a lot, you will automatically pay more attention to prices with a limited cash budget and try to score bargains.

6. Go for real offers

offer to save money during the holiday season

Cheap Christmas presents? Many shops say in their brochures that certain products are on sale. But is this really the case? Never assume that an offer is actually an offer. Sometimes there are comparable products from a B brand that are even many times cheaper than the offer from an A brand. Sometimes it may indeed be possible that you necessarily need the A-brand, but in many cases there is not much difference at all with a B-brand.

Comparing offers and products can therefore certainly help to shop cheaper.

7. Go for other types of gifts

Of course it is nice if you can give someone a tangible gift during Sinterklaas or Christmas . But this does mean that you actually have to purchase the gift. You can also go for a completely different gift , for example a trip to a zoo or a wellness center . The only thing you have to give as a gift is a homemade gift voucher.

You can then postpone the release of the outing until the new year. This is very useful in the expensive December month. In addition, these are also extra special gifts, because you also create a nice memory with them.

8. Go for quality

quality is also saving

This tip differs slightly from the other tips. If you go for quality , then you are usually more expensive. This mainly concerns gifts for the long term.

Suppose you run a whole cart with Action Christmas wreaths or whatever at a cheap store like Action, then you might be cheap, but are your kids still playing with Action toys next year?

In this case, you can be cheaper for the long term to buy a somewhat more expensive box of Lego or Playmobil . You know for sure that it will be played with for years and that the quality is excellent.

9. Not everything revolves around gifts

Christmas presents

The biggest expense in the holiday season is usually gifts. But not everything is all about gifts. Ultimately, it is also about the fun and atmosphere during the holidays.

As a family, it is therefore wise to emphasize this. For example, you can agree that gifts may only be purchased up to a certain budget. This way you can spend money that you no longer have to spend on gifts to create fun, such as tasty snacks, a bottle of wine or a pleasant outing.

You will see that in the end this will be much more appreciated than expensive gifts. That is smart money saving during the holidays.

Any tips?

Do you have any great tips for saving money during the holidays? Then leave them here in response.

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