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Living cheaper can save your piggy bank

Cheaper Life! Discover These 9 Tips

Providing yourself with all the necessary things in life costs money. Lots of money. We cannot eliminate some things from our spending habits. After all, we need a roof over our heads, food in our stomach and we also want to be able to do fun things every now and then. You can cut back on some things by omitting them, other things are necessary, but could possibly be a lot cheaper. With these 8 tips you can live cheaper and live relatively cheaply. You save a considerable amount without feeling that you are sacrificing your quality of life.


  1. Save on groceries
  2. Compare insurance policies
  3. Cheaper furniture
  4. Going out dirt cheap
  5. Save on energy bill
  6. No money on all matters
  7. Driving cheaper
  8. Avoid lending
  9. Nice shopping

Tip # 1: Save on your groceries

Shopping can be done much cheaper

Everyone gets groceries and we cannot skip this activity. We can do smarter shopping to save a lot of money. For example, if you have a freezer, you can stock up on a larger amount of meat when it is on sale. You can also opt for the private label instead of A-brand products. This is often cheaper and not nearly as bad. Also pay attention to the place where the articles are.

BONUS TIP : Did you know that the more expensive variants of a product are on the shelves at eye level, while you find the cheaper alternatives very low or very high on the shelf?

Tip # 2: Compare insurance policies

In the USA it is mandatory to have health insurance. Every car owner must also have at least a liability insurance. Insurance is necessary, but not all insurance policies. Is it really necessary to take out insurance for your mobile phone? Is continuous travel insurance wise if you only rarely travel? It is also advisable to take a closer look at the insurance policies that are compulsory. Compare the prices with different providers. Who knows, it can be a lot cheaper!

Tip # 3: Cheaper furniture

Cheaper furniture can be really good

When you own a house, it is nice if there is enough furniture to live comfortably. Why should this be brand new furniture for which you pay the top price? Second-hand items are available in a variety of states, including 'as good as new'. This second-hand option is much cheaper than buying a new one. And perhaps an older cupboard with signs of use will fit perfectly with your vintage interior.

BONUS TIP : Take a look at recycling companies. Huh, wattuh? Yes, thrift shops . See if there is one near you. And it is still fun. You come across all kinds of things… for little. Cheaper life is getting more fun!

Tip # 4: Go out dirt cheap

Going out to the cinema dirt cheap with popcorn

People who are less fortunate will also like to take a break. Fortunately, there are ways in which this can be achieved in a relatively cheap way. Take the time to find out if discount codes can be found on the internet for the outing you have in mind. For example, you can often get a fixed amount or a certain percentage of the purchase amount discount.

On auction sites you can buy tickets for zoos, theme parks and concerts at very low prices. Look for cheap hotels ». Going out doesn't have to be very expensive. You want to live cheaper, don't you?

Tip # 5: Save on your energy bill

save on your energy bill

You can achieve cheap living to a large extent by saving on your energy costs . This can be done in various ways. This way you can compare the prices of different energy suppliers . You can also use the energy in your home 'more sensibly'. Switch off the television when no one is watching. Leaving your heating blaring while a window is open is also pure waste. If you want to take a bigger approach, you can opt for measures such as insulating your home or generating energy yourself. The purchase of insulation material or solar panels is expensive, but you will earn back your investment in the long term.

Tip # 6: Don't spend money on things you don't use anyway

We all know someone like that. Someone with a subscription to the gym he never goes to. This person is no exception. Perhaps you spend money on subscriptions or items that you do not or hardly use . Do you receive a weekly magazine that you rarely leaf through? Do you have a subscription to an online streaming service that you never actually watch? If so, it's time to get rid of such things. Roadside assistance is another such thing. You pay well over $ 100 annually in case you need roadside assistance, but how often is this the case? Maybe an alternative is better. An alternative where you can call in roadside assistance when you really need it. In the event of a breakdown you pay, but for the periods in which your car takes you from A to B, you keep your money in your pocket.

Tip # 7: Drive cheaper

Driving cheaper

Many people who own a car cannot live without it. Some people need the car for work and other people have a large family, where a car is very useful. If selling your car is not an option, you can take the bike when possible. Leave the car a little more often and save on fuel. You may be able to exchange your car for a smaller one , reducing the cost of road tax. What kind of insurance do you have? For example, all-risk is not the best and cheapest option for an old trolley. How much do you drive? Take the time to calculate whether a diesel car, a gasoline car, a hybrid or even a fully electric car will ultimately be the cheapest.

Tip # 8: Avoid taking out loans

The well-known slogan is entirely based on the truth: Borrowing money costs money. Therefore, always try to avoid having to borrow money, especially when you have other options at your disposal. If you still want a loan, make it your priority to pay it off as soon as possible. Borrow small amounts in a short period; The mini loan is excellent for this! The interest amounts are much lower here. Partly because you pay off the loan in a short time.

Tip # 9: This is fun shopping

Search the internet for auctions . There you come across really nice things that you don't even expect. Try 1DayAction . Amaze yourself with the articles they offer for a low price. From towels to bean bags, from underwear to box springs.

Or go to Deal Banana . No, it has nothing to do with bananas. But a lot of gadgets, clothing, sports equipment, kitchen utensils and for the little ones among us.

So there are of course even more bargains on the internet. Take your time and bet you'll find some.

So live cheaper?

With some of the mentioned tips, a feeling may arise that it is a lot of hassle. Especially the research that comes with things like insurance. Keep in mind that you will lose some time with your research, but if you follow the different advice, you can have a much cheaper life . And that is worth something, right?

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