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Doing fun things without money. Leave your wallet empty

Doing fun things without money

How can you do fun things without money?

  1. Nice things without money
  2. Picnicking in nature
  3. A party of nothing
  4. Water and brushes
  5. Walk with children
  6. Adult hike
  7. Free food and drinks
  8. Festivals
  9. Conclusion
doing fun things without money
Doing fun things without money

Doing fun things without money when you have little money to spend. Do you often get your hands dirty? While others go out for dinner, buy beautiful clothes or show off a new smartphone, you are at home in your old clothes and the call credit on your second-hand smartphone has of course also just run out. Hmm ..

How to do fun things without money . For example, doing something fun with your girlfriend without money. Or with other people.

Having little money caused a lot of worry, but can you do fun things without money ? That's certainly possible. Life is free by nature , so lots of things cost little or no money.

Staring at the stars costs you nothing
Staring at the sky

Lying on a rug staring at the blue sky, taking a walk on a sunny day, or building a snowman in winter. They are all things that are fun and free. Unfortunately, there is not always snow, and the sky is not always blue.

So you have to be creative to do fun things without money. Organize things that don't cost you anything, and go on outings without money.

What fun things can you do without money?

Don't let your money blow away

If you don't have the money to do expensive things, the best thing to do is to learn to have fun with little money . How do you do that? For example, if you have children, it is quite difficult to make them happy with little. Still, children are undemanding. If you don't insist that they can have less than other kids, they won't even notice. Children are just as happy with pancakes with sugar than with a McDonald's children's menu.

Examples of fun things that don't cost money

Picnicking in nature

free picnic in nature
Picnicking in nature

You have to eat anyway, but since you don't have the money to enjoy a nice lunch on a terrace in the sun, it is time you rediscover the picnic . A picnic is not only fun, it can also be very romantic. If you are going for the cozy picnic, make sandwiches with the toppings that you already wanted to eat, so a slice of cheese, some jam or slices of cucumber and peanut butter.

Look for a thermos in your kitchen cupboard, or borrow one if you don't have one. Fill the thermos with coffee, tea or lemonade. Grab an old sheet from the closet and enjoy an old-fashioned picnic somewhere in a park or on a bench.

Make a party out of nothing

You can make special moments from anything.

art painting can be done for very little

For example, you can't afford an expensive painting course, but there are cheaper ways to create artwork:
Find waste paper and get started. Make it a real art afternoon. For example together with your loved one or with your children, or simply with a good girlfriend or a few friends.

But it shouldn't cost money, and you still want it to be fun. Send friends an invitation by e-mail or WhatsApp to participate in your creative afternoon. Tell them to bring a drink or snack, and some acrylic paint and their own brushes.

pencils to make your artwork

You arrange pencils, the paper and the room in which the creative gathering will take place. You can find paper everywhere. Think of old newspapers, scraps of wallpaper, sheets of drawing paper, printing paper, old envelopes . If necessary, stick small pieces together to make larger sheets and tape them to a sheet of newspaper. If all sheets of paper are available in approximately A4 or A3 format, the visitors can get started right away during the art afternoon.

Pots of water and brushes

Set out a few pots of water to rinse the brushes , a few old plates to put several dots of paint on, and protect your table with old newspapers. Make sure the table looks nice and artistic. Your friends will all bring snacks and their own paint, so all you have to do is make a pot of tea or coffee and be the wonderful host or hostess.

Have a few nice examples to admire for inspiration. For example, some images of Karel Appel or Lucinda Lyon's paintings, which you can find on the internet.

with little or no money you can still have a fun party

Start the creative afternoon by telling a bit about the artists . If you are very smart, you can also watch videos on YouTube about setting up a painting beforehand. Search for example Cobra or 'making modern art.' This way you not only come across as very creative, but you also learn something new.

Make it a very pleasant afternoon. Enjoy painting together while your guests provide free snacks .

A walk with a plan, take outings without money

Of course everyone knows walking is free, but let's face it, walking can be boring. You can change that by organizing a walk with a plan.

The walk is free , but you link it to a nice excursion. How do you handle that?

Walk with children

with children walking in the park

Depending on who is going with you, you can plan to visit certain ' things' . For example, with children you do not walk past statues, with children you make a walking treasure hunt . In that case you can make a treasure hunt with maths.

By always calculating a certain number in a street, you end up at the house of grandma or a dear acquaintance. You arrange in advance that that person has lemonade ready. A little nice grandmother also provides a sandwich or a bag of chips.

Adult hike

a walk in the park will cost you nothing at all

Going for a walk with an adult or on your own is also much more fun if there is a plan behind it. For example, if you were already planning to eat fries that day, then walk from snack bar to snack bar . At one snack bar you eat fries, at the other a croquette, and at the latter an ice cream. This way you immediately burn part of the calories.

Do you never spend money on snacks? Then make a cheaper plan . For example, walk from knowledge to knowledge . You then turn it into a 'friends walking route'. Let your acquaintances and friends know in advance that you will visit them for 15 minutes during a 'friends and acquaintances walking route'.

Free food and drinks

drink a cup of tea with your friends for free

Ask beforehand if you can drink and eat something with them to keep your strength. Your friends like this idea and will make sure that you are well fed back on the road to the next address. That way you get food for free that day and you see your friends again. If you bring your children, they will have a fun day with lots of tasty snacks.


Do nice things without money? Go to a festival for a day. Music festival, food festival etc .. Most are free. At a food festival you can taste different snacks for free. Sometimes there are so many that you are no longer hungry at the end of the day.

See if there is a food festival in your area.

Conclusion doing fun things without money

So there you have it. Doing fun things without money is possible. Sociability does not have to be expensive. Get creative and scour the internet. Or look for fun things to do in cities . Bet you will come across nice things!

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Do you have any nice suggestions yourself? Let us know. Then we will all share it here.

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