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Cleaning tips for the house

7 Cleaning Tips from Grandma to Save Money

Do you still have time to thoroughly clean your house these days? Then we have 5 cleaning tips from grandma to make cleaning a bit easier for you. The cheapest cleaning products can already be used to tackle the most difficult places. Did you know this ?!

1. The Recycle Bin

Garbage can

Does your trash also smell so bad ?! Then use baking soda against the stench! A handful of baking soda at the bottom of your trash can is enough! Baking soda removes bad odors very easily. No baking soda at home? A handful of coffee beans at the bottom of the bin! Great help to purify the foul odor.

2. Wrinkle-free laundry

Ironing is really the year 2012 (ha!). Use the iron dry program for drying! Ready?! Then immediately remove the laundry from the dryer and beat it well. Hang the clothes and let it dry further while hanging. Wrinkles in your clothes are a thing of the past.

3. Cola

cola as a cleaning agent

You can actually use cola for anything. It works as a cleaner - chewing gum remover, but also as a rust remover, among other things. Very handy to always have this cleaning agent at home. Back to basics, with grandma's cleaning tips list.

Did you know that this eraser (chewing gum) could also be removed by a true 'freezer session'?! Put your fashion item in the freezer and let it sit for a few hours. When your 'freezer session' is over, you can easily take the gum off your garment.

4. Life Hacking Moments

An oven and a microwave are often MASSIVE to get clean. But THE solution is half a lemon in a bowl of water! Heat the oven / microwave. Wait until lemon condensation settles on the walls. Use a damp cloth to clean the walls of the oven / microwave. Done!

5. The BBQ


Are you done with the BBQ and do you have no idea how to clean the BBQ? Then use a raw onion to degrease the BBQ. The dirt from the BBQ is carried away by the acidity of the onion. Ideal method! Please note; the BBQ must still be warm if you want to use this method.

6. Toilet Clean Well

I can imagine that cleaning the toilet is not always a fun and / or fresh job. Then I have the lazy solution for you. Soda ! Known as the baking soda. What should you do? Sprinkle the soda through the toilet bowl. Then pour vinegar over it. You probably think… “ my toilet is going to explode ”… rest assured. This is a chemical reaction that makes vinegar with the soda. Leave it for fifteen minutes and voila!

7. Remove Pen From Clothing

remove pen from clothing

Did you know that you can easily remove the ink from a ballpoint pen from your clothing. How? Milk ! Yes really. Just put milk on it. Rub it with a cloth and you're done. You can optionally use coffee creamer .

Ballpoint pen on your leather sofa ? Then use alcohol . First do a test on your couch in a place where no one sees it.

I hope these cleaning tips from Grandma helped you.

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