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sit tight and still make ends meet

Sitting tight and still getting by

Sitting tight and still getting by .. Poverty in the USA is not an unknown phenomenon. In addition, there is a group of people who have such financial problems that they need professional help with this. Some have to live on USD 30 a week.

But there is an even larger group of people who are very tight on a monthly basis. These are, for example, families that have to live on 1 salary, such as one-parent families. Still, they succeed, despite being tight to make ends meet. This is not always easy, but sitting tight and still making ends meet is quite possible.

How do you go about this if you are tight to make ends meet?


  1. Create financial overview
  2. View all your subscriptions
  3. Lowering gas and electricity consumption
  4. Save on health insurance
  5. Shopping
  6. Transportation costs

6 ways to make ends meet

1. Create a financial overview

Financial Overview

Why do companies keep accounts? Firstly, because this is required by law, but above all to gain insight into the financial situation.

Private individuals would also do well to draw up a financial overview. A financial overview is perhaps the most important foundation you have if you are tight and still want to make ends meet.

  • When you neatly record all your income and expenses in a cash book , you also know exactly what you are spending your money on. Are you tight again at the end of the month? Then open your cash book. You can find the cause in that.
  • It is also easier to see where you can save from a financial overview. You also get to see all receipts and invoices to note them in the overview, making you much more aware of your spending pattern.

Nowadays there are also numerous apps to download with which you can create a perfect financial overview. This makes it even easier to gain insight into your financial situation.

2. View all your subscriptions

cancel subscriptions

All subscriptions you have taken out are quite a bit out of your budget. If you want a little more financial leeway at the end of the month, check out which subscriptions you can cancel .

  • Do you read a magazine that you have a subscription to and can you do without? Then cancel the subscription.
  • The main subscription is usually an all-in-one package for television, internet and telephony. You have to ask yourself whether it is possible to change this subscription? Watching live television is actually no longer necessary with the internet. Many programs can also be viewed online.
  • A landline telephone is no longer used in many households. It can therefore be cheaper to no longer keep a complete everything in 1 package, but only to take an internet subscription. You can quickly save a few tens per month with this.
  • This also applies to your telephone subscription . Although it seems that we can no longer do without a smartphone, it is also used a lot at home on the WiFi. You may not need a subscription at all. It is best to take out a prepaid subscription . With this you deposit a certain amount when you want it that you use as needed.

3. Reduce gas and electricity consumption

electricity meter

Energy costs are a large part of your monthly fixed costs. Usually you pay an advance , after which you receive a final invoice once a year. Your new monthly advance amount is determined on this basis.

It can be difficult to save on energy costs . Some savings actually cost money first. Nevertheless, you can save on your energy consumption with behavioral change and a few simple interventions.

  • You already save a lot on electricity if you replace all classic incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lamps . If you look carefully at cheap stores, such as the Action, you will certainly find cheap LED lamps here.
  • With a timer you can, for example, have certain devices switched off at night, such as the modem.
  • If you really want to save a lot on electricity, this requires an investment. You do this by replacing old equipment with energy-efficient devices . Of course, this costs money, so if you're saving for a new device, make sure it's as energy-efficient as possible.
  • You can easily save on gas due to some behavioral changes. Many people still soap themselves in the shower while running the shower or brush their teeth while the tap is running.

By changing this behavior you save a lot on your gas and water.

4. Save on health insurance

medicines and health insurance

The monthly health insurance is a monthly compulsory recurring fixed charge. You can save on this in any case by annually comparing the different health insurance policies and choosing the cheapest one.

  • If you are in good health and you use little care, consider raising your deductible significantly . This is not an option for people who need a lot of care. Insurers give a considerable premium discount when you use the highest deductible. You can already save $ 30 per month with this.
  • If you are healthy, you do not have to take out additional health insurance and you will also save a lot with this.
  • Do you still need additional insurance and not all treatments are reimbursed? Then use your treatments at the end of the year . This way you can make full use of new treatments in the new year.
  • Apply for a health care allowance to enjoy as much discount on your premium as possible.

5. Go shopping

save on groceries

Grocery shopping can be tricky on a budget. Self-control is very important here. It is very attractive to give in to certain products in the supermarket, even though they do not actually fit into your budget.

  • Therefore, never go to the supermarket without a shopping list . Make a list of groceries that you really need and stick to your own grocery list. This prevents you from coming home with groceries that you don't actually need, but that cost extra money.
  • In the supermarket itself it is important to keep an eye on the bottom shelves . The cheaper products are often displayed here. The same product from a more expensive brand is usually at eye level. Don't be tempted by this.
  • If you only go for your own private label products, it is quite possible to do cheap shopping.

6. Transportation costs

public transport - seats of train

You can still sit tight and make ends meet if you have a car. But it will be very tight. Think of the fixed costs of a car, such as car insurance, motor vehicle tax and fuels.

Although public transport is not always cheap, it is worth considering taking public transport to work . Especially if you receive a travel allowance.

Public transport is normally fully reimbursed and transport by car is not. If you mainly use the car for commuting, consider getting rid of the car completely and taking public transport to work in the future. With this you can save a lot of costs.

If you do keep your car, make sure you take your car to a reliable garage for repairs. This prevents you from suddenly having a high cost item for repairs after the annual MOT inspection.

Sitting tight and still getting by

Get started today and don't delay. Only then will you quickly save a few euros per day. Then you don't have to be short of cash. Or do fun things without money

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