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Blue Monday Tips

Blue Monday - 5 tips to keep you mentally healthy

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Blue Monday is the day when you could use some mental support. There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Monday blue. That is why we have decided to list the most important information for you. What can you expect in this article:

  • You know exactly what the phenomenon surrounding Blue Monday entails
  • You know what to do about it

What is Blue Monday anyway?

Blue Monday is the name given to the third Monday of January . This is the day known as the day when most people don't exactly feel good about themselves.

Apparently, a college professor has managed to precisely calculate the most depressing day of the year. He did this using the following formula: (W + Sd) T ^ Q / MNa. It seems like a very difficult formula, but it is not so bad when we look at the meaning of the letters. These stand for the following:

  • W = again
  • S = debt
  • T = time since Christmas
  • Q = time we don't make our New Year's resolutions
  • M = low motivation to do things
  • Na = feeling to take action

This research is of course partly done with a wink. Happiness cannot really be measured. Many people notice that they suffer from gloomy thoughts on Monday blue.

Do you also suffer from this yourself? Then you generally don't have to worry about this. As long as you know that the weather will soon be nice and there are nice things planned, your cheerful feeling will return.

Handy anti blue Monday tips tricks

The fact that the unpleasant feeling will go away is of course nice to know, but it doesn't really help you any further at the moment.

Fortunately, there are several useful tips and tricks to get through these dark days. We have made it a bit easier for you by listing the best blue Monday tips of the moment for you:

# 1. Try to eat healthy

Lately there has been increasing evidence that healthy eating is extremely important for our mental well-being. Diet has been proven to have a major impact on a person's mood and well-being. By simply reducing your sugar intake and increasing the amount of whole grains, nuts, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can get through the day with less stress.

This could just make for much less gloomy thoughts, especially on a dull day like Blue Monday.

# 2. Focus on work

The next tip is to work a little harder than usual every January . Some people like it when they can focus their thoughts on something else for a moment. Take on more projects, continue with development training or get to know your colleagues better.

Do you work in sales or customer service? Then now is the time to build these relationships.

Are you looking for a job? Then try to build up your CV and develop new skills. This gives you something to do for the somewhat boring month of January.

# 3. Exercise and / or sport

Regular exercise improves your mood when you have depression. This is the reason that exercise has many benefits for people with mild to moderate depression.

To prevent gloomy thoughts during Blue Monday, it is wise to exercise 150 minutes per week in the weeks before (and of course in the weeks after).

Set a goal to increase the amount of exercise you do each week.

Walking in nature is a very good way to get exercise. You feel a lot better right away.

# 4. Don't schedule so many things

January can be a stressful month, so look for ways to keep your life simple . Don't say yes to things you don't want to do and be really honest with your family and friends so they know how you really feel. By being honest and by not taking on too much hay you can be sure that you will not get too much stress during the first month of the year, exactly what you need to get through Blue Monday.

# 5. Give Mindfulness a try

If you are not yet practicing mindfulness , we really recommend that you change this. The only wrong way to meditate is not to do it at all, so it's time to give it a shot. Taking the time to sit still with yourself is necessary if you want to find peace. Just as your body needs attention and movement, so does your mind.

With apps like Headspace you are able to learn in an accessible way how to actually start with meditation.

Conclusion blue Monday

These blue Monday tips should give you a better picture of Blue Monday and the ways in which you are able to counteract the gloomy feeling. With the above tips and tricks it is a lot easier to get through these dull, gray days and to look forward to spring.

Before you know it, winter is over and you are walking around with a smile on your face.

2 responses to “Blue Monday Tips”

  1. Hi I don't want to say much but the corona is there also a part of you can't go anywhere in a small world so many people have already died terrible I find this a very difficult time

    1. lakes-n-trails.com

      Hello Anja,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You are absolutely right. It's a difficult time. That is why it is so important that we all maintain this.

      For now it's important to find some that cheer you up more. You do that, for example, by walking outside. Preferably between the green.
      Or try to learn something.
      Don't stand still.

      All the best!


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