Web Analytics


Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser. These help us to anonymously analyze the user behavior of our visitors on lakes-n-trails.com and thus optimize our content. Users can prohibit the storage of cookies in their browser settings.

Google Analytics and StatCounter

We use Google Analytics and StatCounter to analyze the use of the lakes-n-trails.com website. The scripts are called up when using the website and help us analyze the following information:

  • Number of page views
  • Length of stay on the page
  • Operating system and mobile device type
  • Time of page visit
  • Geographic location of the mobile device

On behalf of lakes-n-trails.com, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website. We use the stated information to optimize our content and to give you a better experience with lakes-n-trails.com.

Our legitimate interest in data processing also lies in these purposes.

We use IP anonymization, which shortens your IP address. This ensures that visitors cannot be uniquely identified by their IP address. Google Analytics and StatCounter use the pseudonymized user ID, with which a return visit to a website can be recognized on all devices. No personal data is collected by using lakes-n-trails.com via Google Analytics and StatCounter.

The IP address transmitted by your browser within the framework of Google Analytics and StatCounter will not be merged with other data from Google and StatCounter. The data sent by us and linked to cookies, user IDs (e.g. user ID) or advertising IDs are automatically deleted after a maximum of 24 months. Data whose retention period has been reached is automatically deleted once a month.

To prevent data being measured with the Google Analytics tool and / or StatCounter, you can disable Google Analytics and StatCounter with a browser extension.

Alternatively, you can also configure the cookie settings in your browser accordingly.

Affiliate Tracking Cookies

As operator of lakes-n-trails.com, this website has integrated affiliate links from FinanceAds and Daisycon. These are internationally active affiliate networks that connect publishers and merchants.

lakes-n-trails.com takes on the role of publisher by publishing content. Various providers take on the role of merchant. By using the content and comparison systems on lakes-n-trails.com, an affiliate link takes you to the merchant's site where you can order the financial product. In the event of a successful sale, we receive a commission that enables us to publish further content for you free of charge and to improve our comparison systems.

As soon as you as a user access the provider via our affiliate link, a cookie will be stored in your browser. The purpose of storing cookies is to process commission payments between merchants and publishers, which are processed by the affiliate network.

The saved affiliate cookies do not contain any personal data. Only the publisher's identification number (lakes-n-trails.com) as well as the order number of the website visitor, the time and the code number of the affiliate link are stored. All affiliate cookies are deleted after a maximum of 60 days.

As already mentioned, you can prohibit the storage of cookies in the settings of your browser. You also have the option to delete your cookies at any time.