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borrow money with Benefit because your wallet is empty

Borrow money quickly with Social Security

Many people think that borrowing money with benefits is not possible. But the opposite is true. It is certainly possible. Of course you have to ask yourself whether it is sensible and necessary.

Much needed

Borrow money with Social Security. Sometimes it is badly needed

In addition to needing bread, you may also have other essentials. It may happen that your trusted washing machine breaks down. You can choose to wash all your laundry by hand. Unfortunately there is a disadvantage. It will take you time and maybe a little more water. More water means a higher bill. On the other hand, a washing machine also uses electricity. In most cases this is also not free. Are you serious? If you are a math prodigy, you can calculate this at your leisure.

Well what now? You have benefits. Do you have to borrow money with your benefit?

What I mean by this is that you have to make the right decision before you proceed to a loan. Are there cheaper alternatives? Can you do without it (for a while)? Or maybe you can borrow one.

"Help, my fridge is broken"

Oh oh .. you have abandoned your fridge. What now? Borrow money with my benefits ? Hmm .. it's winter. Yep, I have a plan. Why not put all my products on the balcony. Free and free. Hmmm… but what if it gets warmer. That is a lot more difficult. Neighbors are also not an option. Especially if it is a guzzler. Good thing I'm not your neighbor :).

In other words; a refrigerator is essential. Do you have no alternatives other than the balcony or your neighbor? Then you have to buy one. In this case, you are indeed considering borrowing money despite your benefit. The key question is of course, is that possible? While enjoying a drum roll, I can answer this wholeheartedly: Yes, I do!

How does it work

question mark

Ok, how does borrowing money work with my benefits?

You can view exactly how much you can borrow via the main page . Slide the button to determine your loan amount. You will then immediately see what you are paying back to the lender.

Enter your e-mail address to receive a handy overview in your inbox. In addition, you will be immediately redirected to another page. If you want to borrow the amount, fill in the form. Your application has been assessed within a day.

The advantage of such a mini loan is that it is a short-term loan. You will then lose less interest.

The other advantage is that you don't get long-term debt. After all, you pay the amount quickly.

Another advantage is that you don't have to send any payslips. And to top it all off; a BKR registration is no obstacle to borrowing the money.

Are there any drawbacks?

Borrowing money with your benefits can be a disadvantage. After all, you borrow an amount and the lender naturally wants to earn his money with it. So it always costs you a little more . However, because the term is short, the interest is not very shockingly high.

Another disadvantage could be that the duration is quite short. If you want to repay the amount over a longer period of time, you will still have to choose another option; borrow money in a regular way »

Furthermore, the maximum amount you can borrow is $ 1500. If you want more, click on the link above. Here you can easily compare all lenders with each other.


It is necessary to have a personal guarantor . He or she guarantees you that you pay your payment properly. If you do not have a personal guarantor, you can also opt for an external guarantor. There are costs involved. You are therefore best off with a personal guarantor.

Once the form has been completed, your application is usually decided within 1 day. Is this fast or is this fast?

Borrow money with negative BKR and benefits

Negative bkr and still borrow money. That makes you happy

Of course it can always be worse. In this case you also have a negative note at the BKR (Credit Registration Office). Not sure if you are registered? Then request it from the BKR via their website: Request BKR registration .

But this does not have to be a disadvantage for an application for a mini loan. Most mini loan providers have their own sources . They carry out a creditworthy investigation themselves. And if it turns out that everything is okay, you don't have to worry about this.

So borrowing money with a negative BKR and benefits does not have to be a problem for your loan.


Before you apply for a loan, first check whether you need it . Can you do without it or do you really need it? Many people value luxury items. These are things that may make life more fun, but are not necessarily necessary. It will only cost you money. Do you hear this? It .. costs .. you .. only .. .. money.

Are you going to borrow money?
The most important thing is that you fill in all information honestly and completely . In addition, it is very important to have a personal guarantor. If you don't have one, you have to go for an external guarantor. An external guarantor is unfortunately going to cost you more money. So don't start here. Do you want it anyway? Click here for the conditions and rates .

And finally… you know… borrowing money costs money :).

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