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9 tips to save money

9 Saving Tips

Here are some tips for you to save money. Think of saving money as an income.

Avoid using credit cards

1 . Avoid using credit cards.

Keep an eye on your receipts

2 . Keep an eye on your receipts. This way you become aware of what you spend.

Keep all your loose change

3 . Keep all your loose change - That's how you save some.

Don't buy stuff impusively

4 . Do not buy (expensive) stuff impulsively.

Do not buy items that you are not going to use

5 . Don't buy stuff you won't be using anyway

Think of savings as a payment

6 . Automatically treat savings as a payment

Eat out less

7 . Eat out less

Carpool and save on fuel

8 . Carpool and save on your fuel

Stick to the grocery list

9 . Stick to a list when you run errands

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