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How do I keep money on tips

How do I save money

Tips for spending less money

How do I save money , you wonder. Many people do not like talking about money. When was the last time you talked about your earnings? Exactly, we thought so.

How do I save money? Right, by having good knowledge of your financial affairs. This is super important. Money simply plays an important role.

One of the best tips is to invest your money. Now you must of course have money for this first. Curious about the best tips for spending less money? Be sure to read this article. You get the tips for spending less money.

How do I save money due to unnecessary subscriptions

Far too many people have expensive subscriptions that they don't really need. Think of subscriptions for gyms, magazines, expensive bank accounts and streaming services.

Check whether payments are made regularly from your bank account for services you no longer use. If this is the case, you have to stop all this. Maybe it is possible to get your money back if you are lucky.

Even if you occasionally use that expensive gym subscription. Then it is a luxury if you cannot afford this when you have too little money left. Opt for alternative cheaper options. Or just walk outside for half an hour every day.

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Keep track of how much money you spend

When you see where your money is going, it is much easier to see how much money you are spending on nonsense. An overview of expenses really lets you think about your purchases. Additionally, keeping a daily and weekly expense statement is ideal for preparing a monthly budget.

  • First, keep track of what you have lost on a monthly basis.
  • Then put together how much you earn and how much you want to put aside.
  • Subtract your expenses from this and you know exactly what your monthly budget is.
  • The easiest way is to keep track of this in Excel.
  • Or download the app “Grip” . This app from the ABN shows you exactly where your money is going. Spending less money is therefore a lot easier than before.

Only have cash on you

How do I save money? Well, by just having cash in your pocket . Research shows that people who pay with cash are often more aware of their expenses. This is probably because you see exactly how much money you spend. 100 US dollars in your hand feels a lot more like 100 US dollars in your bank account.

This is also the case when shopping. If you need new shoes, first pin a certain amount that you want to spend as much as possible. By paying with cash, spending less money has become unconsciously possible.

Choose public transport

This is a tip that we really give to everyone. In general, it is much cheaper to take the bus or train than to take the car. You simply lose a lot of money to be able to drive a car. You not only lose money for the car itself, but also for insurance, repair and maintenance. Not to mention the gasoline you have to pay for.

Many companies offer you the opportunity to receive a kilometer allowance for the work. This ensures that you can drive up and down for next to nothing.

Even better is to take a bike, but this is of course not really an option if you live far away.

Not spending money on a car can quickly save you hundreds or even thousands of US dollars annually.

Do you still want to go by car? Then think of a fuel card . Also saves you some money.

Go for the B brands

Today there are many brands of groceries to be found. Although some people swear by the A brands such as Coca Cola or Oreo, it is wise to choose the B brands . This is simply a lot cheaper.

You can buy something from an A brand now and then, but it is useful to generally opt for the cheaper brands. This is especially the case with things you use for cooking. Think for example of noodles or sauces. Here you can hardly taste the difference.

By settling for a slightly less high quality, you can save a lot of money when shopping. In no time you are completely over!

How do I keep money on conclusion

This list of tips for spending less money will also allow you to have more money left. You really don't have to live a boring and frugal life , you just have to be wise with your money. Spending less money is necessary if you want to build a brighter future. Only by putting your money aside do you build your assets.

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