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Celebrate Christmas 2020 Big

Christmas 2020 will be a big Christmas with a small budget

Christmas 2020 is just around the corner. December is often the most expensive month of the year. With Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year's Eve there is a lot to celebrate in a short time. Very nice of course, but it often also costs a lot. Christmas is probably the most expensive party in this period. Presents are bought for each other, some decorations are bought and a new outfit is often required. Naturally, a special and extensive Christmas dinner must also be served.

Santa Claus

All in all, quite a drain on the wallet. In this blog, however, we want to show you that it doesn't necessarily have to be all that over the top during the Christmas party. We have several tips to make Christmas 2020 an affordable yet super fun party. Do you save with us?


  1. Buy your Christmas dinner smartly
  2. Well in advance
  3. Seasonal vegetables
  4. Bring your own food
  5. Budget Christmas gift tips
  6. Buy earlier
  7. Around your own attic
  8. Craft yourself
  9. Creative wrapping paper
  10. Make your own Christmas decoration
  11. Enter the forest!
  12. Home creation

Buy your Christmas dinner smartly

Christmas dinner on a budget

Organizing a Christmas dinner is a headache for many people in the already busy month of December. Especially when the budget is not too big , preparing a festive Christmas dinner can be quite a challenge. Still, we have some very useful tips for you that should take away the worst of your worries. The most important thing about an affordable Christmas dinner is the preparation, it starts with smart shopping .

Well in advance

This way you keep your Christmas dinner a bit affordable by purchasing many ingredients well in advance . For example, if you want to put a delicious roulade on the table at Christmas, you could easily buy it a month earlier on sale and then store it in the freezer.

Seasonal vegetables

Seasonal vegetables

Vegetables also deserve attention in terms of purchasing. When the menu allows, try to use seasonal vegetables as much as possible. These are always cheaper at the right time of the year. Don't get the pre-cut version, but simply using the knife yourself is also financially more attractive.

Bring your own food

A completely different idea for a cozy Christmas dinner with family or friends is the proposal that everyone brings their own food . In this way you can enjoy each other's prepared food in a relaxed atmosphere with all the guests at a beautifully decorated table. One brings an appetizer, the other the dessert, the next comes with a salad, another with a bottle of wine. You can all transform the table into a beautifully filled buffet. Very cozy and an affordable Christmas dinner for everyone!

Budget Christmas gift tips

Christmas presents on a budget

A very beautiful month, the month of December. But also a terribly expensive one if you're not careful. We would like to give our loved ones a nice gift, but preferably for a nice price. Do you also need a few Christmas gift tips for the smaller fair? Don't despair, we have collected some super useful tips for you! We even thought about cheap gift wrapping :). Here the tips for a fun Christmas 2020!

Buy earlier

In any case, it is best not to wait until December to do your shopping (just like with some ingredients for the Christmas dinner). Just buy presents when you see something nice (and possibly on sale) and set it aside for the moment supreme. This way you can secretly save a collection of Christmas presents for under the Christmas tree all year round!

Around your own attic

Also take a tour in your own attic . Are there not all kinds of stuff there (still in packaging) that you actually have no idea what to do with it? For someone else it could be a very nice gift. You make someone happy with it and it also cleans up nicely! Clean Christmas 2020.

Craft yourself

Craft something yourself

Maybe you are also handy enough to make a present yourself . For example, if you are good with wood, you can assemble a photo frame. Great fun to make and even more fun to give away. Your own handmade gift!

Creative wrapping paper

Finally, of course, about a super fun and cheap way to wrap your Christmas presents. This does not have to be expensive wrapping paper from the store, but can also be an old newspaper page or a page from a magazine. What about wrapping paper for a travel enthusiast in the form of an old road map? Just be creative ! Nice the gift wrap around the package with some Christmas greenery from the forest or your garden. It looks extra festive and makes the evening even more beautiful for you and your loved ones than it already is!

Make your own Christmas decoration

christmas decoration

Christmas decoration does not have to be that expensive. It's just a matter of making beautiful combinations . Combinations with lots of nice decorative Christmas things that result in a completely contemporary and personal Christmas decoration. Need inspiration? We have some handy ideas for crafting the most beautiful Christmas decorations yourself. All this with as much as possible by hand, of course, although that will eventually not work out completely.

Enter the forest!

The first thing you can do to bring your home into a super cozy Christmas atmosphere is out into the woods . In the forest you will find lots of fun and attractive decorations that will spice up your Christmas 2020 completely. Cut some nice fir twigs and collect a few pinecones and take them home. If you come across some moss, put it in the bag.

Home creation

Christmas tree at home and create something at home

Collect as many candles as possible at home, they always do well during this period. With a piece of ribbon you give the candles an extra nice touch and with a layer of moss around the candle you complete the picture. You give a pine branch a vase and put it in a nice place in the house. You can also give the branch some extra glitter by brushing it with a gold-colored spray can. This is also possible with the pine cones. Then put them in a dish on some moss and you have created a nice table decoration.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Happy Christmas 2020!

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