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Housekeeping book app 2021

Housekeeping Book App 2021

Which is the best? 4 Apps

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Housekeeping app ? In theory it is so easy: make sure that more money comes in than you spend again. After all, that is the basis of saving money and building a buffer. But also to make sure you don't get into debt, of course.

Yet every month it turns out that it is a lot more difficult in practice. That is why it is important to prepare an income and expenditure overview .

You can set this up conveniently by means of a household book app on your mobile phone. In this blog we will discuss what exactly a housekeeping book is and why we are such a supporter of it, as well as a number of very useful housekeeping books in the App Store and / or Play Store.

Ready to download! So read on quickly.

What is a housekeeping app?

It's actually quite simple. Without a budget book or clear overview of your monthly income and expenses , it is difficult to make an overview of your finances. Because how do you know what to save on?

That is the essence of a digital housekeeping book and also the idea behind it. Research by Nibud has shown that about 79% of Dutch households have an overview of their income and expenditure. That shows once again how useful it is if you also start with it!

You use a housekeeping app to keep track of exactly how much money goes where and whether you have spent more or less at the end of the month than you received. The app (automatically) sorts all your income and expenses into a specific category.

For example, the app knows that if you have paid to Shell, it belongs under the 'transport' category. The same applies to a payment to Hema, which is sorted under 'household and electronics'. So super handy and clear!

The integration is much better these days. For example, the Infra Bank, ABN Amro and SNS have added a digital housekeeping booklet to the internet banking environments and the mobile banking apps.

The best housekeeping book app

Then of course what you came for: It is clear that a housekeeping book offers a solution. But which one do you use best? Which ones look best? Reason enough for a list of the best 4 (in no particular order)!

# 1: Grip

"Housekeeping app - Grip"
“Housekeeping book app - Grip”

Under the heading 'keeping a grip on the cut' we start with this one on the list. The Grip app has been developed by ABN Amro with the aim of giving customers better insight into their finances.

Of course, the bank does not want you to be in the red. Hence, they have invested in this. The Grip app automatically keeps track of all your income and expenses and then puts them in categories such as: insurance, dining out and groceries.

Set your own budgets per category and receive a push notification when your budget for that category is almost used up. This way you really have a grip on your wallet and you immediately know when to pay attention.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create your own categories and manually remove or add income and expenditure.

Although the Grip app has been developed by ABN Amro, it is also available to customers of Infra Bank, Bunq, SNS, Across Lender, Regiobank, ASN bank and ICS. This app is not available for other banks.

Download it directly from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

# 2: Dyme

"App - Dyme"
"App - Dyme"

The second in this list is Dyme, a housekeeping app that should undoubtedly be on your radar! We understand that having your bank details viewed by a third party (read: an app) raises some doubts. Because what are they going to do with that data? And is it safe?

Then we have good news! Dyme handles your data with the same care as banks : they have the same security standards as banks themselves. So you can undoubtedly link your bank account and budget!

They provide a handy overview of your monthly expenses . You can easily move the transfers to the correct category yourself, if, for example, this has been incorrectly categorized by the system.

A handy feature of Dyme is that you can easily change and even cancel fixed costs via the app. Saving has never been easier!

Check whether your bank account can be linked, because not every bank is supported by Dyme.

Download it directly for Android or iOS here.

# 3: AFAS Personal

Budget app - Afas
“Budget app - Afas”

AFAS. You may already know the name. They sponsor the concert hall in Amsterdam: AFAS Live. Formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall. That party, yes.

AFAS itself is one of the largest suppliers of business software and is very well regarded! They are now also active in the digital household booklets with their own app for iOS and Android.

With AFAS Personal you easily have an overview of all your finances via a large financial profile that you create yourself. It offers a lot of possibilities.

This way you can easily link your OV chip card, other bills or even your credit card . All data you have is immediately available and insightful! Moreover, you can easily add your cash transactions by entering your receipts, for example.

Do you have insight into all your data? Compare your costs with other Dutch people. This way you immediately know how well you are actually doing.

The standard version of AFAS Personal is free. But for only € 2.99 per month you can do even more.

# 4: My Budget Book

Digital housekeeping book - My housekeeping book
"Digital housekeeping book - My housekeeping book"

The last (but certainly not the least) household book app from this list is 'My household book'. Nice and straightforward: immediately clear what it does.

One of the biggest advantages of My household book is that it also works offline . Entering income and expenditure is then still possible. Very useful when, for example, you are traveling abroad.

In addition to the offline options, you can also set goals and limits , such as saving for a vacation or something you really want. By setting the limits you ensure that you never go over your set budget. Guaranteed success!

The app is available in both the Play Store and the App Store. The iOS users have a small advantage here: It is only € 1.99 in the App Store and € 3.99 in the Play Store. Unfortunately not free!

But well worth the money. Because if all goes well, you will save a lot more money through this housekeeping book app.

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