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Save on health insurance

Let the doctor do it

If you need specific treatment, ask if the treatment can be done by your own doctor . You do not have to pay a deductible for the treatments of the doctor.

Go to the pharmacy less

Do you often use the same drugs? Then get them in large quantities . Every time you get medicines you also pay administration costs to the pharmacy. So if you can, take more pills.

Cheaper medicines

Simple medicines for mild complaints are often cheaper at the drugstore . Consider, for example, paracetamol, a cough syrup, etc. Just buy it at the well-known chemist. Saves money and time.

Health care costs of the tax

Do you have healthcare costs? In that case, you may deduct from the tax under certain conditions. Think of medicines, aids, etc. Sometimes you may also deduct the costs you incur for others.

Click here for the deductible healthcare costs »

Pay it Forward

With some health insurers you get an extra discount if you pay your premium annually . Of course you have to be able to afford it. Maybe you can save some money to pay your premium in one go. Once paid, you don't have to worry about this for a year.

Sports with a discount on your premium

Some health insurers give you a discount on your premium if you exercise . Ask your insurer for which schools they offer a discount on your insurance premium.

They also reimburse various preventive care products . Think of means to stop smoking.

Pay double

Do you have continuous travel insurance? Then check carefully whether you are not double insured . Your health insurance company (basic insurance) will reimburse medical costs abroad. So it is a shame if you pay for travel insurance.

Continuous travel insurance is good when certain costs are not reimbursed abroad. So take a good look at what you need.

Save on your risk

Are you little wrong and do you expect to incur almost no healthcare costs? Then increase your deductible . This means you pay less premium. Choose a voluntary deductible. In 2021, the deductible is $ 385 US dollar. Increase your deductible is steps from $ 100 to a maximum of $ 885 and lower your premium.

Increasing the deductible entails risks . For example, if you are admitted to hospital, you have to withdraw a considerable amount from your wallet. Because you have increased your deductible. So think carefully about this.

Care allowance

Do you have a low income? Then you are entitled to healthcare allowance . In 2021 you have the right:

  • If you are at least 18 years old
  • If your maximum income without allowance partner is $ 31,138
  • If your maximum income from allowance partners together is $ 39,979

You will receive an amount in your account every month from the government. With this you pay part of your health insurance premium. Check how much you are entitled to healthcare allowance each year.

Calculate your healthcare benefit here »

Cozy together on the policy

Most family members are together on a policy. Nice and clear, right? But is it cheaper? Not always. This completely depends on your needs. For example, some people will need care more than others. Or a completely different concern. So compare each separately and see if you are cheaper.

Make your own risk

Have you used up your deductible this year? Then make sure you do the treatment (s) before the end of this year . This is because your new deductible will start again on 1 January 2021 next year.

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