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Switching health insurance after 1 January

Switching health insurance after 1 January 2021

Switching health insurance after January 1, 2021. When the last few months of the year arrive, it is important that you pay attention to your health insurance. In November, all health insurers must announce their premiums for the new year. This gives all policyholders the opportunity to compare the new premiums of the different insurers.

A good choice can then be made whether you remain insured with your current insurer or whether you switch to another insurer anyway. But until when can you change your health insurance and what should you keep in mind?


  1. Switching after January 1
  2. Accessible care for everyone
  3. Why different premiums
  4. The health insurance rules
  5. Reasons to switch
  6. Conditions
  7. Switch in the meantime?
  8. Cancel current health insurance?
  9. You have to think about this

Switching health insurance after 1 January

switch to a new health insurance policy after 1 January

The Dutch healthcare system guarantees good and accessible care for every Dutch person. A condition for this is that everyone who lives or works in the USA is compulsorily insured . This compulsory health insurance is called the basic insurance or the basic package.

The basic package is the same for every insured person and the content is determined by the government . The government also determines the level of the deductible and which forms of care fall under the deductible.

Accessible healthcare to everyone in the USA

A health insurer has a duty of care in this regard . This means that the insurer must accept everyone who signs up, regardless of age or health, and must guarantee good care.

In addition, everyone can take out additional insurance in addition to the basic insurance . The additional insurance is not compulsory and its content is determined by the health insurers.

Why different premiums for the basic insurance?

calculate premiums

Although the contents of the basic insurance are the same for every Dutch person, the mutual premium amounts can differ considerably per insurer . You will wonder why this is the case with insurance that is the same for everyone?

This mainly concerns the reserves that health insurers have. A health insurer with a large financial reserve can then decide to increase the premium less and use the reserve as a buffer. In addition, insurers make various price agreements with healthcare providers. This can also influence the amount of the premium.

Health insurers do not then have the option of determining the content of the basic package, but the way in which they offer a basic package. For example, they can put together various insurance packages with a corresponding high or low premium. Think of a basic insurance in the form of a benefit- in-kind insurance or reimbursement insurance .

  • In- kind insurance will generally be cheaper, because only care that you purchase from contracted care providers is fully covered.
  • With a reimbursement insurance policy , you will have more room to turn to other healthcare providers. In this way, there are countless basic insurance policies with various premium amounts.

What are the rules about health insurance?

Normally you can only switch to another health insurer once a year . In November, all health insurers must announce their premiums for the following year. You have ample time to compare the various health insurance policies .

  • If you have decided that you are cheaper with another health insurer or another health insurer offers better conditions, then you can switch. You must then cancel your old health insurance before 31 December . You don't have to choose a new health insurer right away. You can change your health insurance until January 31 .
  • If you switch health insurance after 1 January, you will always be insured retroactively. Your new health insurance therefore always starts on 1 January , even though you may not register with your new health insurer until the end of January.

What are reasons for switching?

There are various reasons for switching to a new health insurer. Two main reasons apply here:

  1. Another health insurer will better match your situation regarding coverage and conditions .
  2. Another health insurance company is cheaper .

Many people will soon be convinced if another health insurance company offers a cheaper premium, but this is not the only thing to be aware of.

For example, your family situation may have changed during the past year:

  • You are married
  • divorced
  • or you have had a child

It may also be that you have become ill and you need more care. The conditions may be better with another health insurer.

Those who purchase a lot of care do not have to worry that they will not be accepted, every health insurer is legally obliged to accept everyone for health insurance. The insurer may only impose requirements for additional health insurance.

✋ Conditions for switching

Before December 31st

Until when can you take out new health insurance? The most important condition when switching to a new health insurer is that the old insurance is canceled before 31 December . If you are late with this, you will remain bound to your old insurer for at least the new year.

No later than January 31

Another condition is that you have taken out new health insurance before January 31 of the new year . If you are too late with this, you risk a fine because you are uninsured.

No backlog

Furthermore, you may not be in arrears in payment of the healthcare premium before switching. Your current health insurance will only be discontinued when all arrears are Demorei. If you are in arrears in paying health insurance premiums and you want to switch, make sure that you pay the arrears before canceling your old health insurance. If you are still in arrears by December 31, you are forced to stay with your current health insurer.

You can find more about paying off debts here

Can you also switch in the meantime?

switching health insurance after January 1 like a leap

Switching in the meantime, so halfway through the new year is generally not possible. But there are some exceptions, so this is possible.

  • You will turn 18 in the middle of the year and must take out your own health insurance.
  • After a stay abroad, you will live in the USA again.
  • When collective health insurance is terminated.
  • In case of divorce.
  • You leave military service as a soldier.
  • The health insurer will change the policy conditions.

Can the new health insurer cancel the current health insurance?

It is very common that when you take out new health insurance, your new insurer will also ensure that your current health insurance is canceled. However, this is only the case if you take out new health insurance before December 31.

Since an old health insurance policy must be canceled before December 31, this will not apply if you only take out your new health insurance after January 1. In this case, you must ensure that your current insurance policy is canceled before 31 December.

Switching health insurance after January 1, 2021? You have to think about this

Always start on time by comparing the various health insurance policies. It is not without reason that insurers have to publish their premiums in November. You will then have ample time to compare.

Make use of this so that you have a good overview. Also check whether you expect to need care that is not included in the basic package. In that case it is wise to take out additional insurance. Also keep in mind that you can take out additional insurance with another insurer. But if you do not take out basic insurance here, some insurers charge a surcharge on the premium./ p>

Finally, always keep an eye on the dates of 31 December for canceling your current insurance and 31 January , the last day that you can still take out your new health insurance.

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