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Saving money as a student

Saving money as a student

This is how you save money as a student

Saving money as a student is not always easy. In general, students do not have much to spend. The average expenses of a student are quite high and the average income of a student is not too high either.

Many students find it difficult to make ends meet on their small income. Working more hours is often not really an option now that you are already busy enough with your studies.

Fortunately, this does not necessarily mean that you have to be in the red every month. Apply these handy student savings tips to save significant amounts of money in everyday life.

In this article “Saving money as a student”, we will show you exactly what you as a student need to do to save a little more money every month!

# 1. Students eat

Do you want to save money as a student? That means cheap food as a student. Eating students may seem like a no-brainer, but it is an important tip to mention.

Your groceries are considerably cheaper if you get larger packages . This ensures that the costs for dinner will be lower than before.

Example : A large package of spaghetti is cheaper in proportion if you eat it in four than if you buy a smaller package for yourself. It is therefore super easier to reduce costs by inviting your housemates to dinner for a fee.

Eating with your housemates is not only a lot cheaper, but also super fun. During your student days you make friends for life, you really have to get the most out of this. So students eat sensibly together.

# 2. Buy cheap food in the market

The average expenditure for groceries as a student is rising nicely. Saving money as a student then becomes difficult.

But ... what many students don't know is that the best way to buy super cheap meat is when you walk around the market at the end of the day . The market stalls want to get rid of the meat. They can't just offer it again next time. Although the most delicious cuts of meat are often already gone, it is possible to buy chicken or beef for little money.

You really make everything with chicken. You put down such a delicious meal. For example, chicken legs are not only delicious with the fried rice, but save the bones for a delicious bowl of soup.

As long as you are a little creative, you can always come up with some goodies to prepare. This way you save money as a student.

# 3. Go out during happy hour

Stepping is of course one of the things that is high on your list as a student. But walking can make a big dent in your monthly budget. That is, if you go out the wrong way.

Would you like to save money as a student and walk without paying the top prize? Then go out during happy hour . This generally takes place on Thursdays and Fridays, the days when most students go out.

Since you get two drinks for the price of one at many pubs, it is possible to save quite a bit of money. Drinking is of course also a good way to save money, although this is a bit less pleasant of course.

# 4. Pay off your tuition fees immediately

The average student debt is running high. The tuition fees are of course deducted at the beginning of the year. Many students choose to set monthly terms. This is much easier to pay, right? While it is indeed easy to budget for a monthly payment, it will be more expensive in the long run than annual depreciation.

Almost all colleges and universities offer you the opportunity to receive a discount if you pay the tuition fees in one go . Of course, this is not about hundreds of US dollars, but you can often save a few tens.

By paying it annually, you reduce the average student debt and you have some left over to do more fun things.

# 5. Make optimal use of your public transport

In the USA, students receive a free public transport student card from DUO. The public transport student card is always free if you manage to graduate within ten years. Something that most students will not really have trouble with.

It is important to find out how to make maximum use of it. If you live in rooms, it is a shame to set up free travel for the weekdays. After all, you are in the city itself. It is better to opt for free travel on weekends.

If you live a little further from the center, you can save a lot of money on transport to your lecture hall during the week with the public transport card. By properly listing all costs and benefits, you can see exactly what is the best choice for you to make. That is saving money as a student!

# 6. Sell ​​your old summaries

Making summaries is of course the way to learn. It just feels a bit silly when you've made a summary that you never really look in again. Fortunately, there is a way you can make money from your student summaries.

There are several websites where you can go to sell your old summaries or notes. Stuvia is one of the best known websites. Indicate on the website what you want for your summary.

Based on reviews, it is possible to build a good reputation through the platform. Earning money from things you no longer use, who wouldn't want that?

Saving money as a student conclusion

With the above tips, saving money as a student is just that little bit easier. Although you will not have enough money to buy expensive watches or to drive a luxury car, it is indeed possible to have a good student time.

If you can't get enough of all these handy tips and tricks in the field of saving money, then you're in luck. Here on the site there are many more useful articles that you should definitely read!

Study them!

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