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Cow money - saving tips on lakes-n-trails.com

Saving Money - You Haven't Thought These Golden Tips

You Have Not Thought Of These Golden Tips

A mini loan is an easy way to have more money. But it can also be done in another way: By saving money . Easy? Easy? Hmmm… this way you save money with which you can do nice things. Or just pay your bills with it. Therefore here saving tips on saving money.

Contents of this page

  1. Saving money for some
  2. Request quotes
  3. Compare health insurance
  4. Unnecessary Expenses
  5. Save money on groceries
  6. Think about it
  7. Your car
  8. Simple
  9. Sport

Saving money for some

woman is wondering how to save money
Save money ..

You work hard and you spend money . But why spend money on crazy things. It's not for nothing that you save money. You do it to possibly finance your future activities. Or to go on holiday to your favorite country. Or in the worst case ... paying that annoying bill.

Request quotes

Suppose you want to have an alarm system installed in your house. Then you can probably pick the first best from the internet and do business with it. But you can also compare offers. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is not. Simply request quotes via a quote comparator »

Compare health insurance

Yes .. the time has come. From November you compare all health insurers with each other. And do it now, because this will save you quite a nice amount. This can just save a few tens per month. If you spread this out over a whole year, I don't have to tell you that this will save you hundreds of euros on an annual basis. So get started right away.

Don't just go for the cheapest one. It is important that you know what you need in your care package. Knowing this will make it a lot easier to compare. Take a good look at what is reimbursed. If you know that you will need a certain type of therapy regularly. then see if it is reimbursed and how much it is. Because you can go for the cheapest premium, but if it turns out that the therapy is reimbursed little or nothing, you end up paying more.

Unnecessary Expenses

save money - so spend less euros

Get rid of all that unnecessary expenses. Have you ever checked which nonsense subscriptions you have? How many telephone subscriptions do you actually have. You can also just take a sim only . Really saves a lot in monthly costs.

There are people who have a sports subscription. But sports… you go. Why would you pay for such a sports subscription? Get rid of it and go for a walk, jog or just take the stairs.

See if you can use cheaper energy suppliers »

And do you actually need a TV subscription? You can find the news somewhere on the internet. Even that one movie you like so much. So think about it.

Also compare:

Save money on groceries

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive

Did you know that healthy food does not have to be expensive at all. In fact… it is even cheaper than all that junk. What junk? Well beware, you can save a lot of money. How about Whole grain pasta, potatoes, brown rice, brown bread, tasty mango or peach or a delicious homemade healthy ice cream. This is much better than such an expensive chocolate bar or a hamburger at the Mac? Be creative and do something fun with fruit. You can make a delicious cocktail or a delicious smoothie.

And in the supermarkets they pretend that healthy food is expensive. Like superfood and things like that. Think logically and come to the conclusion that you can do a lot more with “normal” vegetables. In addition, it is a great source of vitamins. Avoid superfood.

Think about it

Before you buy a product, think about whether you really need it . Suppose the very newest smartphone comes out. And of course you want him to be right. But is it really that much better? A new phone doesn't have to be better. It can even be an old model with a new look. Do you really need a smartphone with 15 pixels instead of your old one with 13 pixels? You really don't have to have a new smartphone every year. Keep your old one and switch to sim only. Just calculate how much that makes a difference.

We buy some things just for the sake of it. Have, have and have again. Really not necessary. Think 3 times whether you really need it and how much you will use it.

And so it is with several things. You can choose to buy a bar of chocolate for a few US dollars. But of course you can also buy healthy fruit for less money.

Your car

your red car costs a lot of egld
Save money on your car

No, I'm not going to tell you to get rid of your car. But you can drive cheaper. How? Very simple.

  • For example, you can download an app from DirectLease . Here you will find the cheapest petrol stations. Even the "more expensive brands" are among them that can offer you fuel for a bargain price.
  • Drive around 100 on the highway. Even if you can take 130. I tested this myself. This really saves a lot of money. What do those few minutes you arrive later matter. Laid back!
  • And use that cruise control (if traffic permits). Keep driving your car nice and constant. This is also a saving on your fuel.
  • Go shopping on foot . Is not only healthy but also much cheaper. Make it a habit. Enjoy your surroundings as you walk to the store.
  • Take a look around at several car insurance policies . Bet there is one that is a lot cheaper than your current one. But do look at the conditions and the reimbursements of such an insurance.
  • Drive a small car with a small engine. A light car uses less fuel. Consequence? It will save you a lot of money.


Try to live simple. Do you really have to show off your expensive box or your overpriced smartphone? Be simple and you will see that this will save you a lot of money.

Also try to buy quality products . This is not to say that it always has to be expensive. There are plenty of B brands that do very well compared to the well-known A brands. Search the internet for reviews about the product you want to buy. Do you need a new washing machine? Does it really have to be a Miele? Look for cheaper variants and read as many reviews as possible.

It is also great that you can buy a lot of nice stuff at the Recycling . It may sound shabby, but it is not at all. And do you know how many nice things you can get away from there for next to nothing? Even that one washing machine you needed. Or a nice cupboard. But also crockery, computers, televisions, chairs and the craziest things that will amaze you. I'm sure there is one near you. Check this website for all the nearest thrift stores. Go look! You will be amazed.


put on a sports shoe

Yes, I wanted to say that. Make it a sport to spend less . But don't get too crazy. Eat normally and have fun. Think carefully about the things you have now and whether it can be a bit cheaper or whether you need them.

I hope these tips have helped you. Feel free to read it a few times and let it sink in. Certainly some ideas will come to your mind to at least spend less than what comes in. Saving money can be fun.

Good luck and use these saving tips. Adios!

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