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Mini loan without BKR assessment

With a mini loan without BKR testing = Borrow money urgently without BKR testing

Borrow from $ 100 to $ 1,500 for any purpose
Within 24 hours on your account
Applications in 5 minutes
No BKR test

borrow money immediately without documents

What do you need for a mini loan without BKR

You need this for a small loan without BKR

  • ID

    This can be: Identity card or passport

  • Bank account

    The account where you want to have your money deposited

  • Dutch mobile phone number

    This is necessary to receive a verification SMS

  • Guarantor

    This must be a personal guarantor

  • Inhabitant of the USA

    You live in the USA

  • What is the minimum age

    You can borrow from the age of 18

Table of contents

  1. What is a mini loan
  2. Borrowing without a payslip
  3. Is it something for me?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. BKR as a protective tool
  6. Own assessment
  7. Compare mini-loan providers
  8. An urgent mini-loan costs money
  9. What are the costs
  10. Example calculation
  11. Apply for a mini loan
  12. 2nd mini loan?
  13. Guarantor
  14. Before you start
  15. Conclusion
  16. Borrow a small amount without hassle
  17. Frequently asked Questions

What is a mini loan without BKR testing

In America it is also called pay day loan. It is a small installment loan. It is often used as a bridge until you have received your salary. The mini credit is a short-term loan. The loan amount is low. In addition, the term is less than 3 months. So a short loan without BKR check. The characteristic is borrow a small amount and directly to your account.

Features of mini loan:

  • Borrow a small amount up to $ 1,500
  • Refund within 62 days
  • Mini loan deposited immediately
  • Can be used for everything
  • Arrange everything online
  • No BKR review

Another word for mini loan is flash loan, mini loan or payday loan without BKR assessment. So a personal loan without BKR. Applying for a mini-loan online without BKR has become popular in recent years. Just borrow a small amount without a BKR check. This is one of the easiest ways to get money quickly. So a kind of bank without BKR testing.

You borrow small amounts for various reasons; for example if you need money to buy a new mobile, or maybe for a flat screen or new laptop . But also in a slightly more serious case such as an outstanding invoice that must be paid within 24 hours or if things are not going well financially .

In all these cases, borrowing money within 24 hours is very favorable. Credit providers lend a small amount for a short time without BKR testing. BKR registration? Borrow money with BKR in an emergency? You help the mini loan urgently.

Borrowing without a payslip

Yep, borrowing money without income or borrowing money without a permanent contract is simply possible. Apply for a small loan quickly and easily without BKR check and paperwork. You do not need to show a pay slip or employer's statements. Instead, you must have a personal guarantor . He or she guarantees the refund.

So no unnecessary paperwork. You do everything online. You don't have to visit the bank.

Borrow money quickly without BKR and payslip, what for me?

Borrow money as a private individual without BKR testing and paperwork? Borrow money with a low income? Or borrow something as an entrepreneur? In principle, anyone can borrow small amounts. Whether you are working, a student, a self-employed person or on benefits. As long as you pay back on time.

Loans without broker is useful if you want to buy something quickly, but do not have the money yet. For example, your salary has yet to be paid. Or you will not receive your scholarship until later, while you want to buy that one laptop now.

Borrow money urgently without BKR assessment; advantages and disadvantages

The benefits have actually already been discussed:

  • You can borrow small from $ 100
  • Borrow money without BKR check
  • Also borrow with benefits
  • Also borrow as a student
  • Fast on account

Most people are eligible for a mini loan

Cons :

  • Short term (maximum 62 days)
  • Borrow up to $ 1500
  • You pay interest (max. 9.86% per year)
  • You need a guarantor

BKR as a protective tool

The purpose of BKR is to protect consumers with existing debts against building up over-indebtedness . It's never a good idea to keep borrowing if you already have a lot of debt. Moreover, you can also end up in debt restructuring. Borrowing money with BKR registration is also possible with a mini loan.

Did you know that mail order companies are also affiliated with the BKR? Read all about how the BKR works here »

Own assessment

Do you want to borrow money with a negative BKR registration? Normally, loan providers always carry out a BKR (Credit Registration Office) test according to the law; but providers do not do that; simple to help people with a negative BKR to get a loan.

Yet most mini-credit providers do their own assessment on 2 or 3 other points when taking out a mini-loan, where they check whether you can take out a mini-loan based on your data. BKR coding is not necessary at all . Because it often concerns relatively smaller amounts, the mini-loan providers run less risk and therefore the requirements for applying for a loan are much lower. Usually the loan amount is on average between $ 750 and $ 1500. The euros are deposited into your account very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes.

Compare mini-loan providers

Not necessary. Normally it would be wise to compare all providers first. But ... we have already done this work for you! Nice and cheap: The interest is low: maximum 9.86% per year. With approval you have your money within a day. A loan that you can arrange quickly. That is quickly borrowing money within 10 minutes without BKR. Comparing is no longer necessary.

Borrowing money quickly without BKR and payslip costs money

Short on cash? Then a mini loan without BKR assessment
Short on cash? So a mini loan without BKR.

In addition to the many advantages, applying for a loan without BKR Testing, just like all other forms of borrowing money, also has its disadvantages. And 2 disadvantages .

  1. You can only borrow a very small amount (max. $ 1500) which offers little help if you have a lot of debts and you can still run out of money.
  2. The loan has a short term of maximum 62 days . Borrowers therefore have to repay the loan in a short time with a higher interest rate than with a conventional loan.

It is therefore important that you already have certainty in advance about the way in which you will repay the loan when you submit your application (for example, because the salary will be paid out within a short time.) If you are late with a payment term, there may be a fine. come.

Example calculation and refund

  • Suppose you borrow $ 600.
  • You pay this amount back in 45 days.


  1. You pay the amount back in 45 days. The interest of 45 days is: 9.86 / 12 = 0.82% per month.
  2. 45 days is approximately 1.5 x 0.82 = 1.23. So you pay 1.23% interest over 45 days.
  3. $ 600 x 1.23% = $ 7.38
  4. $ 600 + $ 7.38 = $ 607.38

So if you borrow $ 600, you'll pay back $ 607.38 in 45 days. The table below shows that you actually pay back $ 607. The amount has been rounded down.

  • Use your mini loan for any purpose you want. As long as you have a healthy financial household.
  • Repay earlier? No problem. You do have to repay the entire amount at once.

Borrow money with BKR urgent and the costs

Below you can see exactly in how many days you must repay the loan, including the interest.

Keep your smartphone horizontal for a good table view.

Loan amount Term (days) To pay back
$ 100 30 $ 100.70
$ 200 30 $ 201.50
$ 300 30 $ 302.30
$ 400 30 $ 403.00
$ 500 30 $ 503.70
$ 600 45 $ 607.00
$ 700 45 $ 708.10
$ 800 45 $ 809.30
$ 900 45 $ 909.80
$ 1000 45 $ 1,011.50
$ 1100 62 $ 1,113.00
$ 1200 62 $ 1,214.10
$ 1300 62 $ 1,315.30
$ 1400 62 $ 1,416.50
$ 1500 62 $ 1,517.80

Apply for a mini loan

coins piled up
Coins piled up

Borrow 1000 US dollars? Or request another small loan of up to $ 1,500? Borrow money quickly outside BKR within 5 to 10 minutes . Simple and discreet from home from your computer. Note: The amount you can borrow is a maximum of $ 1500.

You pay off amounts between $ 1100 and $ 1500 in 62 days.

Is it your first loan ? Then there is a possibility that you can borrow less. The amount is then up to $ 600. Everything depends on the rapid credit investigation. With an emphasis on fast. Because of course you want to have the money in your account as soon as possible.

Apply for a 2nd mini loan without BKR?

Do you already have a mini loan that is running? Then it is possible to apply for a second loan. You will receive this up to 5 days before the due date of your first loan. A button with “Request 2nd mini loan” will also appear in your account.

Request your mini loan here »

Mini loan without BKR and the Guarantor

Do you want a mini credit? Then a personal guarantor is needed. They ensure that you borrow the money with confidence, while the lender runs minimal risks.

What is a Personal Guarantor ? The personal guarantor is someone close to you who guarantees your loan. For example, being your family or friend. But also your neighbor! You appoint this personal guarantor yourself.

The conditions set for a guarantor:

  • He or she must be at least 25 years old
  • He or she must live in the USA
  • The monthly installment amount of the loan does not exceed 40% of the difference between fixed income and fixed expenses.

The personal guarantor must send the following by email:

  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Copy of bank statement and salary slip,
  • Signed agree to the terms

To clarify: A mini loan without a guarantor is not possible.

Cheaper than a mini loan without BKR?

happy with a mini loan without BKR assessment
That makes you happy

Are there any alternatives to a mini loan without BKR? Think of the municipal credit bank or the city ​​bank . There are conditions attached to this. For example, you may not have an income higher than 130 percent of the minimum wage at the municipal credit bank. In addition, the municipality can impose additional requirements.

You must provide collateral at the city bank. Only then can you take out a loan. Of course you have to repay this with interest.

You could also try it through crowdfunding . But beware, there are differences here. For example, you have crowdfunding for companies and for individuals (geldvoorelkaar.nl). Interest is often low here. It is a great alternative to get money.

Mini loan for the student

Yep. Borrowing money without a permanent contract and for the student is possible. So student .. no longer sit around with an empty glass of beer in your hand. You too can simply borrow money quickly without BKR testing and without submitting your payslip.

Before you borrow money quickly

Before you start borrowing money quickly without BKR and payslip, first think about this:

  1. Do you really need the product?
  2. Are there no alternatives?
  3. Can't you borrow it from your family or friend
  4. Are you able to refund the amount?
  5. Do you have a guarantor?

Have you answered the above 5 points for yourself? You really can not do without and you want to borrow money quickly without paperwork? And of course money directly into your account. Then it is possible to request a mini loan without BKR assessment.


Conclusion about a mini loan without BKR
Conclusion about Mini loan without BKR test

If you want to borrow 100 US dollars, borrow 200 US dollars or more (borrow max 1500 US dollars), borrowing money quickly without BKR and payslip is useful. Actually just as handy and as risky as borrowing money without a payslip. Again, it is completely up to you how you deal with this.

  • Only apply for a loan if you know that you will receive your salary very quickly or will receive the money quickly in another way.
  • Also check whether you actually need it. A broken washing machine is not nice. But if you don't have a lot of clothes, you wash it with your hands. Until then, save your money and buy that washing machine.
  • Borrowing a small amount by the student is just as possible as by a benefit recipient. But again… see if it fits your budget .

Borrow a small amount without hassle

Despite the fact that you have been eligible for a mini loan without BKR assessment, it is very important that you also deal with your personal finances in an adult way . So a mini loan without BKR may be attractive, but think about it carefully.

Borrow money urgently without BKR testing, but still have questions? Then look below at the frequently asked questions .

Example immediately borrow money without documents

You walk into the room with a laundry basket of dirty clothes in your hand. You put the clothes in your washing machine and then… it doesn't work. The plug is in, the power is on and the hose is properly connected. The mechanic arrives and he comes to the following conclusion; it is beyond repair. So time for a new one.

washing machine is necessary and you can borrow money quickly for this
Need a washing machine? Then only borrow a small amount without hassle

Well ... you always wanted a new one. On to the store then. And there you see that the price of a washing machine quickly rises to $ 400. You do have that money, but not a la minute. What now? Of course you can ask your best friends or your family if they want to lend you a small amount. If they agree, it is of course beautiful! If not, you have to think of something else. For example a mini loan.

Very simple. So need money quickly? Yes, you want your clothes to be fresh in the closet again.

Mini loan without BKR required or not

There are countless examples where borrowing money is necessary. However, if you don't really need a device, then you shouldn't. If you need it quickly, a mini loan offers a solution. It is ideal for people who can do nothing else. For example, they cannot borrow money from their family or friends. Then this is the perfect solution: Borrow money without BKR and without documents

Frequently asked questions about Mini loan without BKR ⬇

I want to borrow 1000 US dollars quickly

For the first time you can borrow up to 600 US dollars. If you borrow for the second time you can borrow up to 1,500 US dollars.

What is the maximum I can borrow?

With a mini loan you can borrow up to $ 1,500. For the first time, this will often be up to $ 600. The 2nd time you can borrow up to $ 1,500.

When will I receive the money in my account?

Your application was usually assessed in one working day. When your application has been approved, you will receive your loan in your account within a day.
- Have you borrowed before? The money can be in your account within an hour.
- Did you make your application over the weekend? Your money will be in your account on the next working day.

How old do I have to be to borrow?

You can request a mini loan from the age of 18.

Which ID do I need?

The following identification documents are valid:
• Passport
• Identity card

Which documents are required for a mini loan?

• ID
• Bank account
• Dutch mobile phone number
• Guarantor

Can I borrow money with benefits?

In principle, you can borrow money with benefits. As long as you pay it off on time.

Is a mini loan possible in Belgium?

No, unfortunately this is not yet possible. You must be registered in the USA.

What is BKR?

BKR stands for Credit Registration Office. All forms of loans are registered here. Even if you pay off your phone monthly.

I am BKR registered. Can I borrow?

Yes, you can just borrow. With the mini loan, no BKR test is done, but a different type of research that is quick and simple.

Can I pay off my loan earlier?

Yes, that is simply possible. However, you must then transfer the entire agreed amount.

Can I request a 2nd mini loan?

Yes you can if you have fully repaid the first.

Is a mini loan possible without a guarantee?

No this is not possible. You must have a personal guarantor.

When do I have to repay my mini loan?

You repay your loan at the end of your loan term. You do this via your personal “My Ferratum” account.

I cannot repay on time. What should I do?

It may happen that you have found yourself in an unexpected circumstance. Then immediately contact: [email protected] An arrangement can then be made.

Should I say what I'm borrowing it for?

No, keep it nice for yourself. You do not have to state what you are borrowing the amount for.

What is a Personal Guarantor?

A personal guarantor is a person who guarantees you during the loan. The lender thus lowers his risk. The guarantor can be a family member, but also a friend or your neighbor or wife. But not yourself.

Can I borrow without a guarantor?

A mini loan without a guarantor is not possible.