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Payday loans online bad credit Ok -Get fast payday loans for really bad credit

  Neglecting now means that the applicant needs the money in a hurry. The most amazing thing is that payday loans are now possible. From the borrower starting to consider a quick loan now until the money is transferred to one’s account, it will not last long. Loan money online fast so we really talk …

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Judicial Recovery: The Bankruptcy Procedure

Bankruptcy procedure to an enterprise The bankruptcy procedure may apply to an enterprise in a state of cessation of payments. This deposit may give rise to judicial reorganization or judicial liquidation. These two procedures must be distinguished, the objective of a judicial reorganization being to correct the situation of the company without putting an end …

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Changes Occur When You Invest In Women

17/01/2019 PASHA Holding’s investment group, together with PASHA Bank, has launched a unique corporate program called “She Leads”, dedicated to working with women’s employees in the holding. The program has been developed and implemented by the Network of 100 Business Women of Azerbaijan, consisting of female entrepreneurs and top managers. PASHA Holding’s Deputy Director General, …

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Online or Traditional Account?

  Online accounts and traditional accounts The dispute between traditional accounts and online accounts continues unabated, with a decisive prevalence of seconds over the former: economic convenience, practicality, time savings and ever increasing security seem to be the basis of the advantage offered by virtual accounts compared to the traditional ratio banking, which risks – in the absence of …

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